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Zinovi International School is an arm of the Eductional Services Ministry of Faith Alive Bible Church. The Ministry is established to cater for the formal education and training of all pupils free of charge in strict conformity with Christian principles as enunciated by the church.

The aim of the school is to cater for the education of the less privileged children in our society with emphasis on orphans and the destitute, with the aim of raising the foundations of many generations.

They are the ones who sleep under the bridges, hawking from morning to night. At the ages between six and fifteen years, they are conductors, house helps, cleaning wind screens or begging on the streets.
We intend to get these children to tertiary level, that is, as many of them who would want to continue with education would be given the opportunity to become graduates and professionals. While those who can't cope with advanced education would be made to acquire skills after the initial basic education.
Beside the free education for the children, we also offer a free vocational training for the less privileged persons in the society. »»» read more


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